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Association Of Steel Tube And Pipe Manufacturers Of South Africa

Posted by on Jun 11, 2016 in Pipe Manufacturers

This association was established more than about 30 years in South Africa. The installed capacity for transfer consists of about 70 percent of the members, just like tubular products either mechanical or structural that are all supplied to international specifications.

The goals of this association are: to advance the use of tubular things such as pipe and steel tube, to represent the common interests of organizations such as Government and others, to promote both the import replacement and the export of these products and to work together with other members without any collusion.

We must mention some of the pipe industries in Africa. Let’s start with the one that produces spiral welded pipes that you can use in the water and oil. This may also be good in gas industries.

Of course, we are talking about Africa Pipe Industries. With a focus on the African market, this industry supplies the solution for the delivery of these pipe factories.

This plant has covered a floor about 17 thousand m2 and it has all the needed equipment( mills for making pipes, prepping facilities, blasters, and systems such as spray booth, coating line, and others.)

Their plan was to have one more mill that would produce steel pipes extended about 20 to 127 inches, and It would be located in the South Africa Northern Province. They accomplished this in September last year.
ArcelorMittal S.A. is the biggest steel producer in the whole Africa. It produces about 8 million tons of liquid steel per year. This company has a lot of technical and managerial skills for over 80 years today, a reputation for dependability and a clear work focus.

It is the leader when it comes to all the main global markets, and it has a nice balanced geographic variety inside of all the key steel markets. Thanks to this association, South Africa has access to the whole world.

Tubular products are today able to become a provider of choice to all of the leading petrochemical companies. When it comes to their projects, some of the main project contractors have been Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube, Root and Technip, Bechtel, Lurgi, Phoceenne and others.
There is another company that has started to sell the extra capacity into the market with a lot of great success in 2003. We’re talking about Barners Tubing. Today it is still considered as one of the best Africa’s pipe and tube manufacturers. Something you may find interesting is the fact that they have successfully made a very modern 273 mm pipe mill that can be offered as one of the biggest ranges in the country.
We can’t forget about Group Five Pipe and their 500 mm to 3 500 mm spiral welded steel pipes, using about 25mm thick steel. This one designs and supplies all kinds of pipe producing and equipment for testing the pipe.
More members of this association are Bosal Afrika, Hall Longmore, Neven Matthews, Pro Roof Manufacturing, Macsteel Tube and Pipe, New Concept Mining Pt Ltd and many others.

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